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Project Description

.NET Micro-OOM and Micro-ORM libraries. Very efficient and intuitive, convention based, delivered in tiny C# files.


Knak is a set of small C# files that can be downloaded directly from the Source Code page. Just make sure you get the latest bits.

The files are also available via NuGet Knak

The Files

  • Knak.Mapper - Micro-OOM (~280 lines)
  • Knak.Data - Micro-ORM (~800 lines)
  • Knak.Data.SqlServer - To deploy Knak commands to SQL Server as stored procedures (~70 lines)
  • Knak.Data.Batch - To bundle and execute Knak commands in batch (one trip) (~200 lines)

Unit Testing Included

  • Knak.Mapper.Test
  • Knak.Data.Test

Quick Start Tutorial

Although unit tests are a good place to start exploring the functionality of the APIs, you can find a quick start tutorial in the Documentation page covering the most important features of Knak.

How to Use

Just download the latest source code and add the files you need to your project.

Note: The code is targeting .NET Framework 4.0 since I'm using Linq Expressions to generate dynamic methods.

Knakit and T4 Templates

Here you can download T4 templates to be used with Knakit, a Visual Studio Tool that generates source code from SQL Server tables and stored procedures.

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